An Experience Like No Other!

What’s it like to drive Nürburgring? What can you expect if you dare to test your metal on the Green Hell?

Well, that all depends on the kind of experience you’re after. Are you looking to take on the famed course alone, following in the treads of the Ringmeisters? You can be your own pilot through Nordschleife…but only if you know how to prepare for such an incredible journey. You can also sign up to travel as a passenger with a professional driver of either an Aston Martin or BMW “taxi,” letting you see the scenery at a speed that will leave you breathless!

Foremost, recognize that Nürburgring is only open to public access and tourist drives during certain days, known as Track Days. You certainly don’t want to show up and discover you can’t even get on the road, either because of poor conditions or if it’s already being used for the infamous Nürburgring production car lap time testing.

There are two major routes available to drivers:

  1. Nordschleife – Drive along all the traditional sections of the track, a full length of 20.832 kilometers, with 73 bends and eye-catching scenery that puts the “Green” into Green Hell. Tickets are available for single or multiple laps, so you can guarantee you get in as many circuits as you desire.
  2. Grand Prix Circuit – The more recent Nürburgring track, the GP-Strecke, is now made available for drivers of all sorts on certain days throughout the year. This 5.148km-long course gives you a perspective on racing like never before.

Another major concern that must be taken into account before you begin revving your engine is safety factors. There have already been enough accidents and a toll taken on driver’s lives along this treacherous route—and you should take care to assure you’re not added to that list! That’s why numerous 1 and 2-day driver safety courses are offered on-site, including programs for adult and youth drivers, bikers, drifting, and racing.

Whatever Nürburgring driving experience you decide is best for you, you can rest assured it will provide memories to last a lifetime.