How to Choose the Best Tire Chains

If you drive during the winter season, investing in tire chains is a smart decision. With it, you won’t have to dread driving on roads covered in snow. When the chain is fitted on a vehicle’s tire, it offers sufficient traction that makes driving on snow and ice less precarious. In this post, we’ll share tips on what you need to look out for when choosing the best tire chains.

How Tire Chains Work

How tire chains are used depend on the drive of the vehicle. For instance, the tire chains are fastened on the back tires of rear-wheel-drive vehicles while they are often fitted on all the tires of a 4×4 automobile. The chains come with a string of chains that are fastened around the tires and fitted tightly on the wheels. This is to prevent them from dislodging when in motion. When choosing tire chains, it’s critical to buy the appropriate size for your vehicle to prevent any accidents.

Tire chains, also called snow chains, can last longer than winter tires because they are sturdier than the tread of the drive wheels. The thickness offers a dense grip on the road surface. Tire chains are manufactured with durable and strong metal that can accommodate the weight of the automobile easily. It’s crucial to mention that tire chains are not designed to be left permanently in the car. Therefore, you need to remove them after each use. You should also remember to clean them before storing them.

Tips to Choose the Best Tire Chains

You must know that there are different snow chains for different types of tires. Choosing the wrong chains and fitting them inappropriately can lead to severe damage to the wheel, wheel wells, and the braking system. Below are things to look out for when purchasing tire chains.

  • Check the Manual of your Vehicle

Some vehicles are not designed to accommodate tire chains. Therefore, check the manufacturer’s manual to see if it’s allowed. If the manufacturer manual states that the vehicle should not be driven with snow chains, you’ll do best to stay away from this device.

  • Check the chain size

Vehicle tires come with a specific height, diameter, and width and these can be found on the door placard at the driver’s side or on the sidewalls. The size is displayed in a series of numbers and if it comes like P125/65R14. What does this number mean? It means the automobile is a passenger vehicle and the 125 is the tread width while 65 is the sidewall’s aspect ratio. The ‘R’ means it’s a radial tire and the ‘16’ is the inches of the rim size.

  • Identify your Driving Condition

This will help you to decide the type of tire chains to purchase. Tire chains are categorized into four, which include entry-level, standard, premium, and alternative traction chains. If your area experiences regular snowfall, the standard chains are recommended while premium chains are for regular driving in snowy regions. The alternative traction category is perfect for low profile vehicle tires.


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