LaFerrari XX prototype promises new Nürburgring lap time record

LaFerrari XX Prototype Nurburgring

A bit back, we reported on the Ferrari LaFerrari, a super sports car that was designed to try and beat out tough competition in the ongoing Nurbugring lap time race, including the McLaren P1 and Pagani Zonda Revolution. This car was the successor of the Ferrari Enzo, another impressive model that caught auto enthusiast’s eyes—and now it has a successor of its own!

The Ferrari LaFerrari is receiving a track-focused follow-up in the form of the LaFerrari XX. So far, not many details are forthcoming about the model itself and no official lap times have yet to be disclosed. However, it has been sighted being put through its paces, running the Nürburgring course. According to some spy reports, it has even done so at a shocking pace of 6 minutes and 30-35 seconds (reports vary). Even if it’s 35 seconds, and if Ferrari can pull it off in an official lap time documentation, that handily beats the current record-holder, the Radical SR8LM: 6 minutes and 48 seconds. That’s for a production car. For a hybrid street-legal model, the Porsche 918 Spyder supercar holds a record of 6 minutes and 57 seconds.

Do note that the LaFerrari XX is not intended to be made street legal at any time and remains solely for the track. The current LaFerrari model sports a 6.3 liter V12 engine linked to two electric motors for 950 horsepower and 900Nm of torque. It appears that Ferrari isn’t trying to boost the engine so much as other facets of the model that will allow them to surpass previous records.

During the Ferrari Racing Days in Sydney, Antonella Coletta (head of Ferrari’s Sporting Activity Department) had this to say:

“Now we are working on the new hypercar for the circuit, the LaFerrari XX. I hope that the new car will arrive on the circuit in January or February of next year…It’s very difficult to make a car faster than LaFerrari, but this is where the challenge [is]! It will be more or less the same [power] but it will be completely different the handling, because it’s normal that the handling is different for the circuit and the road. The power is a lot; enough! It is very hard to improve the power. The difference will be the slick tires, the aerodynamics, the electronics, the suspension, and the shock absorbers.”



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