Must-Have Car Modifications

Car Mods You Should Try

What’s better than owning your very own car? Getting it personalized. 


Having something that suits your personal preference and style is absolutely amazing and being able to create an aesthetic that screams you is a must-have. But if you are unsure of how or where to start when it comes to designing an aesthetic for your modified car, look no further as we have a few tips and tricks for you. Remember to also renewal road tax every six to twelve months.



The first thing you can do is decals. Having decals stuck onto your car is by far the cheapest way possible to modify your car. Though not everyone thinks that adding some personalized decals to your car is considered modifying, we would like to encourage you to still think about it. This is because, with the addition of decals onto the exterior of your car, the overall outlook changes. Not to mention, you get to choose the design and texture of your decal. These decals and vinyl wraps are what give your car its very own style and character. 


All you need to do is to ensure that these decals do not have any expletives. Stay away from them and the law will not come after you. The next thing you need to do would be to properly spend time thinking about how you would like the decals to be placed? Is there a specific aesthetic that you are chasing after? You would never want to overdo it, it will make the car look cluttered and at some point, messy. Unless you are trying to replicate your favorite racing car, then yes, the more stickers the merrier. 


If you are interested, the cost of damage ranges from as low as ten dollars to more than one thousand dollars if you feel like going all out to design your own custom decals. 


Wheel Mods

The second would be wheels. As underwhelming as wheels may sound, these tyres could make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of your car. Regardless of how you would like to modify your car, tyres and aftermarket rims should play a big role. Aftermarket rims are not only beneficial to cars that have gone through a ton of modification, yours would too. Having a set of rims can help improve the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. Not to mention, if you are willing to spend a just little bit more on some higher-end lightweight rims, the performance of your car would also improve due to the reduced unsprung weight and the lower use of fuel. 


The cost of a wheel varies based on the brand, design, and size. So depending on what you choose to get, it can be quite pricey. However, you can probably use the cost-to-result ratio as a benchmark so that you can improve the way your car works overall as well. 


Car Body

BodyKit. Unlike the other two mentioned earlier modifying your body kit can lead to some very obvious and huge modifications. Not to mention, it will require you to have a huge budget too. When it comes to customizing the body of your car, there are many ways you can go about doing it. 


One would be to add a simple lip or if you would like to do more, you can go all out by customizing an entire widebody kit. The latter will however cost you the same price as buying an economical car. If you would be keen, you could potentially try to imitate race cars by adding on huge GT wings, wide over-fenders, diffusers, and even aggressive bumpers. Another option would be to go for the one-of-a-kind, customized body kit. The choices available to you are endless!


But as mentioned before, doing this method of modification can be very expensive. You would also need to spend more money on a paint job to help match your new body kits to the color of your vehicle. Expect to spend around one hundred and fifty dollars minimum or reach up to thirty thousand dollars. 


Ride Height

Next would be to change the ride height. This usually happens if you got yourself a new set of wheels. Depending on what you had done with the wheels, you would either have to lower the ride height or raise it if you have built yourself an off-roader.


Most of the time it would be lowering the height of your car. This is not a bad thing, in fact, there are quite a few benefits. As you might know, a lot of race cars have their floorings really close to the ground – as some would say, “like sitting on the floor”. But this is not a bad thing. With the new lower height, the car now has a much lower center of gravity as compared to what it had earlier. This then helps to make the handling of the car much easier and stable. 


The height of the car can be lowered either with aftermarket coil-overs or lower springs. These methods will cause the ride to feel a little stiffer. Once again, this is a good thing as it gives the car a bit more comfort. When you use aftermarket coil-overs, you could also then be able to switch up different parts of your vehicles such as the wheel alignment. 


The only disadvantage to lowering your ride height would be the ground clearance, there would not be as much as before. The cost of doing so starts at around four hundred dollars and can reach up to about eight thousand as the act of getting your suspension done up correctly will be very pricey. 



Lastly would be to customize your car’s color. Getting a paint job on your car will help to bring out the character that you are looking for. You could also opt to wrap your car. But do note that a well done, good quality paint job can cost you a few thousand dollars!



So what are you waiting for? Always remember to understand your car and properly envision what you are trying to achieve before diving in. And pick one that is within your budget. 


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