Meet the Renault Megane RS275 Trophy-R

Seems like new supercars and drivers are claiming new records almost as fast as they can zip around Nürburgring! Renault Sport is the latest to edge in under previous laptimes, hitting a new record of 7 minutes and 54.36 second. This is the third time Renault Sport has set a …

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2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT takes on the Nürburgring !

Mercedes-Benz returns to Nurbugring to see how one of their upcoming production car models handles the course’s diabolical twists and turns. The 2015 Mercedes AMG GT, also known as the C63 AMG, has replaced the SLS AMG as the hottest new model to come from the sports car producer. This …

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The legendary Nürburgring course has been sold!

We reported just under a year ago that the infamous Nürburgring racing course had been experiencing a number of financial difficulties due to accounting mishaps and mismanagements. The course had come into more than 350 million EUR of debt and had filed for bankruptcy, launching a fan-led Save the Ring …

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