Nürburgring Driving Trainings Take Place Again

Nürburgring Driving Trainings Take Place Again

It seemed it wasn’t going to happen this year but it’s exciting to know that the sound of engines has begun to bring life back to Green Hell as Nurburgring reopens. Following the successful launch of the no-contact tourists drives some days ago, different motorsports trainings are about to start again at the Nurburgring. Although these trainings will be carried out under the stringent supervision of professional drive instructors, the fact that it is starting all the same is enough to excite the adventurous spirit of motor race enthusiasts. Suffice to mention that the Nurburgring times of vehicles are some of the highlights that sports car racing enthusiasts look forward to.

Nurburgring reopens

Consequently, different offers are currently being made available on the popular Nordschleife, the Offroadpark, and the Grand Prix circuit. This will include specific dates for trainings for sports drivers, courses with off-road and formula vehicles, and ‘free driving’. To maintain the health guidelines, different hygiene rules and measures have been put in place for the participants.

Top Measures in place for Nurburgring Driving Training

In addition to the training courses where participants use Nurburgring car rental, additional measures have been put in place for off-road and formula trainings. For a start, the vehicles cockpits will be disinfected before and after each participant. Additionally, protective clothing will be provided during the course, including racing suits, gloves, balaclava, and helmet. All these will also be professionally cleaned after use. According to Durbaum, the new reality requires a lot of effort that everyone has to adjust and comply but it is more important that life is back on the Nurburgring.

Durbaum went further to emphasize the need for corporation from each participant. According to him, putting organizational requirements in place is not enough. The most important factor in all of these has to do with the participant. This means every hand must be on deck to take responsibility for one another. In addition to adhering to the rules, when a participant feels sick, they should stay at home to prevent spreading the virus.

How does the new Nurburgring Driving Trainings going to work?

With the new world’s reality, a lot has changed in the framework of the Nurburgring Driving Trainings. The new procedure entails going through the booking process online. This booking will be available to only limited number of participants for fixed dates. Additionally, the theoretical briefing will now be completed from home through e-learning as opposed to the standard on-site training. All the instructions pertaining to the use of vehicles and racetrack must be complied with, in addition to the hygiene measures and distance rules.

What the Nurburgring Driving Trainings are all about

The Nurburgring has proven over and over again its leadership position as the top destination of driver’s circuit. The trainings itself takes place on one of the most stunning, popular, and demanding race tracks across the world. The training ground plays host to various sports car makers who send their drivers to attend the Nurburgring Driving Academy Sports Driver Training, with the main objective of snagging the Nurburgring track times record.

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