Nürburgring Knock-Out, or “How to verify Lap times”

James Glickenhaus (of SCG OO3 fame) wants to run a competition at the Nürburgring in order, once and for all, to find out which street legal car is fastest around the Nordshleife.

Glickenhaus is sure the winner will be his own SCG 003S, based on the racing successes of his SCG 003C race car in several endurance races at the Nürburgring.

He is proposing the Glickenhaus Road Cup which will be run at the “Nürburgring 24 Hours”, after the race cars have completed qualification.

These are the rules, at least according to Glickenhaus:

1] An individual has to own his or her car.

2] The car has to be road legal and road registered.

3] The start point will be Cologne, driving to Nürburg on the same tires that will be raced on – REAL road tires from a regular dealer.

4] Everyone drives and sets a time; the fastest time is the winner.

Glickenhaus hopes to start his Road Cup in 2018, but has admitted that, at the moment, it is just his idea, the Nürburgring authorities not having been contacted.

Currently there seems to be some controversy surrounding the Lamborghini claim for the Huracán Performante of 6:52:01. It has been suggested that the tires used were “specially developed road tires”.

With these types of tactics, true or not, being a possibility, we can all look forward to 2018 and genuine lap times to sort out the truly fastest cars.

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