The Range Rover gets ‘Ring competition from the BMW X6 M


Recently, the Range Rover Sport SVR got put in the Nurburgring spotlight after an impressive—and surprising—performance in its lap around the Nordschleife track. The Range Rover currently hold the SUV lap time record at 8 minutes 14 seconds. However, BMW is already stepping up to the challenge with its 2015 BMW X6 M model, claiming it will easily outpace the Range Rover.


Back in 2007, BMW showed off the E92-generation BMW M3 Coupe and held a lofty 8 minutes 5 seconds lap time record. The manufacturer now says he BMW X6 M is equally speedy. Now, the BMW X6 M isn’t technically a whole new model. It’s more of a “facelift” of the X5 M, and most people expected it to hold pretty much the same performance specs. So the statement that it goes far beyond those standards is a bit unexpected and many are eager to see it proven on the track.


Herbert Bayerl, who headed up BMW’s development team for the X6 M, had this to say in an interview with a German magazine: “We have been traveling much faster in testing and have undercut the times of the Range Rover [SVR] several times. We do not need any special add-on parts to go faster.”


At the same time, oddly, Bayerl also told the German magazine they wouldn’t be posting any official lap times of their own. If the magazine wanted to attempt to a SUV record, they would need to drive the new model on their own. No word yet as to whether the magazine is planning to take this opportunity.


So what is suppose to make the X6 M so great? Here’s a spec rundown: it holds a 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 engine which gives it 575 hp, reaching 100kph in 4.2 seconds. An M Drivers Package is available that lets the vehicle top out at 280km/h, while the basic setup allows for a 250km/h speed.


Even as the X6 M slowly rolls up to the starting line, it’s already seeing competition from the 2015 Mercedes MLC 63 AMG, which will be reported on as more details emerge!


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