SCG003 Shows Off Its ‘Ring Worth Just Before Traumatic Crash

A new supercar had massive ups and downs when it went to prove its track-worthiness on the Nurburgring route. The Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG003 was put through its paces on Nordschleife and, according to reports, put in a 6 minute and 42 second lap time—quite the incredible run! The Glickenhaus manufacturer went on to claim that the powerhouse car could hit 6 minutes and 30 seconds if elements such as restricted horsepower and extra ballast were removed. For this run, the SCG003 was being limited in performance with its engine, weight, and aerodynamics to see how it compared to equitable supercars in the same league.

So all well and good…except for two major issues during the one. Foremost, the SCG003 took part in last weekend’s VLN race, where it breached the 130 decibel noise limit and was blacklisted from the track for being too loud (the participating SCG003s were running in 6th and 18th place before having to be removed).

Beyond the noise issue, however, a crash occurred on the track, killing one spectator and injuring several others, thus causing the race to be shut down and no official times to be recorded.

The Glickenhaus spokesperson went on record about the terrible incident saying: “Dear Friends,
soon after having been black flagged for too loud engines at 6th (Macchinauno) and 18th position (Macchinadue), the race has been red flagged for a dramatic crash that occurred on the track. Words cannot express our sorrow. All our thoughts are with the families of the victims.”

Despite the tragic circumstances, Glickenhaus is already hard at work fixing the noise problem for the SCG003 so it can get back on the track and prove it can follow-through with its performance so far.

The SCG003 is able to accommodate either a 3.5 liter, twin turbo V6 from Honda or a twin turbo W12, depending on the installed rear frame. It has a carbon fiber chassis and mid-engine construction, all designed to give it incredible control and top speeds on the course. While still in development, it will be interesting to see if the noise reduction efforts do anything to alter the proposed 6 minute and 30 second lap time, which would put it well ahead of the current Nurburgring pack leaders.

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