Did you see the 2014 Pure McLaren Driving Experience at Nurburgring?


Back on October 27th, Pure McLaren celebrated its last track day of the year by spending it at the legendary Nurbugring! The Pure McLaren Driving Experience is a unique event where McLaren drivers and their authorized guests are able to bring their vehicles to exclusive, closed-access tracks across the globe. They’re then free to test out their McLaren vehicle’s full capabilities on a course that lets them achieve speeds and overcome obstacles they wouldn’t be able to encounter on a regular daily basis.


The October 27th one-day event at Nurbugring was split into a variety of session. For all sessions, McLaren had numerous professional instructors on hand in order to give drivers extra support and teaching opportunities when they arose. From starting line to the finish flag, McLaren wanted its drivers to come away with a greater realization of the true potential their supercars contained.


Present at the Nurbugring Pure McLaren Driving Experience was a lone McLaren P1, a large swath of McLaren 650S Coupes and Spiders as well as McLaren 12C Coupes and Spiders. The drivers had to take a midday break due to intense fog hampering visibility and making driving conditions dangerous, however, every attendee got the chance to get on the track and enjoy what could’ve been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of them.


Aside from McLaren owner events, McLaren also offers driving experiences for non-owners, gives access to GT Performance driving courses, and hosts corporate driving events as well! The goal is always to allow like-minded McLaren enthusiasts to gather and generate mutual enthusiasm for the supercar manufacturer and their favorite models. Certain track events also focus on teaching pro-driving theory, how to maximize in-car data collection, and lap time improvement techniques. Events are priced according to the number of allowed guests (up to 300, in some instances), track exclusivity, automotive support provided, and skill levels. Certain car models, such as the FIA GT3 or McLaren 12C GT are included in specific packages.


For those interested in such an event, McLaren makes it known that “…the Pure McLaren Driving Programme is a bespoke event which can be tailored to meet your requirements. These events can be held at any available European circuit.”

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