Would You Spend 2 Million Pounds for this Supercar?

    Lykan Hypersport Nurburgring        

Two million pounds. 3.4 million dollars. That’s a whole heckuva lot of money. Is any car really worth that much? Let’s take a look and see why this price tag has been slapped on the Lykan Hypersport V5, heralded as the Middle East’s very first supercar, produced by Lykan Hypersport is a Lebanese-based sports car manufacturing company.


What are the Lykan Hypersport V5’s stats? So far, the company hasn’t revealed a ton, but here’s what’s known so far: It has a 3.7 litre, 750bhp engine with twin-turbo flat-six bubbling. It hits 60mph in 2.8 seconds, and it tops out at 242mph.


Okay, so it’s speedy, sure. But do those specs really make it worth more than a P1 and Ferrari combined? Let’s look at some of the “special” features the Lykan Hypersport V5 also sports. It makes its mark as a luxury supercar by having diamond-studded LED headlamps, and the interior leather has real gold stitching. Beyond that, there are rumors that the entertainment system has a mix of 3D screens and holographic displays—though none of these features have actually been demonstrated in any substantial way.


Here’s a video of one model on the road!



You’re probably thinking that while all of this sounds totally fancy, is it anywhere near worth the $3.4 million cost? We’re not done yet. Buyers of the LH V5 also get access to a 24-hour personal concierge service and a Cyrus Klepcy watch valued at 120,000 pounds. Oh, and did we mention only seven of these are going to be built? So add the exclusivity to the features list.


If you had a few million lying around, would you invest it here? Or would you buy a dozen models of a far less pricey vehicle?

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