Putting man and machine to the ultimate test!

Welcome to Nürburgring, where you’ll experience the most thrills and chills possible while behind the wheel, navigating a treacherous track that has become an automotive legend. Where else can you find a mountain town located in the center of a vast motorsports complex?

Opened for racing in 1927, the Nürburgring course has since become a global destination for automotive enthusiasts and car manufacturers looking to set new records for Nürburgring production car lap times, giving them a chance to then boast of their car’s superiority. When speaking of the “Ring,” reactions can easily range from excitement to fear to envy to determination. It is the epitome of motor vehicle performance, and each year its reputation only grows.

This breathtaking track is actually composed of two separate courses:

  • Nordschleife – Aka the “Northern Loop,” Nordschleife is 20.8km long and holds most of the original track’s design, remaining the more challenging of the two loops. This is the infamous “Green Hell,” as nicknamed by Formula One driver Jackie Stewart, and is actively used for racing, lap time tests, and public access routes.
  • Südschleife – The “Southern Loop” was demolished and reconstructed with the new GP Strecke in 1984, following the fiery 1976 crash of Formula One driver Nikki Lauda.

The new version brought in updated safety standards, making it an overall safer driving course—though certainly not skimping on the daring road details that make Nürburgring such an exciting challenge.

These two loops were originally designed to be driven as a Gesamtstrecke, “Whole Course,” with four different length variations available, anywhere from 2.281 km to the full 28.265 km. However, in the early 80s, the start-finish zone was reconstructed for use in international racing events.

The track is also available as a public access route and can be reserved by drivers and teams for testing and timing purposes. The vibrant landscape remains one of the most scenic when it comes to racing circuits, having inspired the colorful portion of its “Green Hell” nickname, as coined by Jackie Stewart.