Prepare for an amazing day on the asphalt!

When readying to visit Nürburgring for a run around Nordschleife or the GP-Strecke, it’s in your favor to reserve an official Nürburgring Track Days beforehand. This way you don’t show up and discover your turn around the track has to be delayed. This can happen because of poor weather or road conditions that affect safety regulations, because the circuit is closed off for Nürburgring production car lap time testing, or for maintenance, among other reasons.

Nürburgring Track Days are special days set aside from the normal public access. During regular public access dates, speed limits are imposed on certain sections and normal traffic an interfere with your progress. However, on Track Days, drivers and racing teams from all over the world gather to test and train on the Nordschleife without impediment. They also don’t have to deal with bikers or Formula One race cars that otherwise might get in the way of accurate Nürburgring lap times.

Track Days can be arranged by online booking through the official Nürburgring website. Prices vary according to the number of visitors, drivers, and cars in your group and the desired number of laps. You can reserve a half or full day on the full Nordschleife course—a 20.832km drive—and this deal also gets you use of a track marshal and safety kit.

The Track Day gives you access to the Nordschleife route, putting you up against numerous blind turns, rattling bumps, tricky inclines, and a wide variety of road surfaces that will test you and your car to the limit. You’ll come away understanding exactly why this course was nicknamed the “Green Hell” by race legend Jackie Stewart.

At the same time, you’ll receive surprising support from a worldwide fan network who often travel to the course simply to leave handwritten messages of well-wishes and encouragement for those brave enough to get behind the wheel.

If you’re interested in adding a bit more variety to your Nürburgring driving experience, be sure to also check out the Grand Prix Circuit, GP-Strecke, a 5.148km experience designed for hardcore racing fans that offers gravel beds, run-off zones, and numerous curves.