BMW M3 CSL Nurburgring Nordschleife

By April 18, 2015
Posted on : April 18, 2015
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My extremely generous friend let me take his CSL out on the track as it was his first visit to the Nurburgring; the owner was in the front passenger seat and another friend was in the rear seats. Ended up being a nice clear lap. There were a few dodgy gearchanges – we found out on return to the UK that the rear subframe had cracked 🙁 The CSL is running full Intrax race suspension, Alcon CSL Cup Brakes (6-pot front, 4-pot rear) and Michelin Pilot SuperSport tyres. Note: the silver M3 that overtakes at the start (which I re-overtake at T13) is my old M3! You can find a video of a lap in that car here:

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