Nürburgring 8 minutes BTG in traffic, Porsche Panamera Turbo filming Porsche 991 Carrera

By April 18, 2015
Posted on : April 18, 2015
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My brother filming me in my 991 Carrera 3.4, he drives his Panamera Turbo during tourist driving. My lap is 1 seconds faster because of a more aggressive last turn, after 2 minutes I wait for him a little down to Fuchsröhre and we drive hard together through some traffic succeeding in holding sub 8 minutes speed. I had better tires, new Pirelli pzero NO. My brother had new Michellin PS2 NO, changing to pzero NO after this trip. The two cars, so incredibly different but still so even when it comes to lap time potential. After this lap we were happy brothers!!! 🙂

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